Top 8 List of Hindi Kooku Web Series of 2020 (Don’t Miss)

“Kooku”,  Another OTT Platform which grabs a large audience base within a very short time period. By providing entertaining Bold Web series, Kooku App becomes another great platform for watching web Series. As Kooku is one of the recently released OTT Platform and that’s why it not released much web series on its official Kooku app. But still, it’s all web series that get millions of views from its users. Here we will look for such Top 10 Kooku web Series List, which you will surely love to watch.

Unlike Ullu Original Web Series, Kooku has a limited number of web series which is around 40. But Kooku’s web series will surely add to the list of Best Upcoming Hindi Web Series. Anyway, Let proceed to the topic.

Raja ki rani

One more web series is on the way of release, it is good news for the viewers of the Kooku app, who love web series. Kooku has officially released the trailer of the series Raja ki Rani Kooku is an upcoming web series, which will be released on the 15th of Dec 2020. The story of the series moves around the woman, who have sexual desires and her husband is out of home then she starts making relations with other guys, her husband has a loan of 2.5 crores, let’s see how she does ahead. Let’s wait for the releasing web series Raja Ki Rani.

The Story of My Wife

Again Kooku has brought another hot and bold web series which is being searched by thousands of people The Story Of My Wife. It is one of the most awaited series, the story is all about the couple who starts up activity to add some spice in their married life, it will be interesting to see how an activity brings spice in their life. Watch it out only on Kooku online streaming app. It is officially released on Nov 22, 2020.

Love Letter 

Again there is one more adult web series, which will hit you for six, you must like Love Letter, it is full of romance. The plot of the series moves around the friends, where a male friend has to make choice between friend or lover, every time it seems a wrong choice but finally he gets one way to communicate to both of them, which is Love Latter. It is available for all of you from the 16th of Oct 2020. So do not miss it watch out.

Late Night Project 

Web series lovers are being as high as kite after hearing the name of the series Late Night Project. It is one of the adult and drama series, which is released officially only on the Kooku app on 12th of Oct 2020. The story of the series moves around the boss and an employee who is given extra work at night, and slowly- slowly it affects to employee s family. And it takes a new turn but the wife of the boss visits the office. We are so eager to know further stories.


As per the source, it is an adult and drama series, where you will see an amazing story and performing some well-known actors and actresses such as Yashpal Sharma, Shalini Kapoor Sagar, Ravi Bhatia, Abha Parmar Shafaq Naaz, Shanaya Sharma. The story revolves around the couple who had a strong connection but however they are separated from each other, and the past irritates him again and again and he faces undesired situations in the future. Do watch it out on 25th Oct 2020.

Blind Kotha

Here you find one more series which is full of adult and lovemaking scenes, it can be one of the hottest and boldest series, you all can watch it out on 11th of Sep 2020.  The plot of the series is all about the different situation, you might have heard about blindfolded love when the love meets another partner then expected, it becomes quite interesting. Do enjoy this series with your partner.



Behru Priya

Bahru Priya is also one of the most adult and hot web series, which is trending on the internet. Many people are looking for the details related to this series, we would like to tell you, it will be released on. This plot of the series moves around a woman who is a widow, but she makes the physical relationship with others. She has many faces and she is full of sexual desires, so let’s get ready to be fascinated by the romantic and intimate scenes. 30th of Oct 2020 it will be released for all the web series lovers.

Jal Bin Machli

Again we are here with one more adult and erotic web series from the side of Kooku, for kind of your information it will be released on. Very soon we all can enjoy this hot web series. Now moving forward to the story of the series then it revolves around the family relations and how an aunty is having sexual desire and boy too, they both fulfill each other’s desire. You can enjoy this alone, it will raise your body’s temperature. We hope you would like it.


You have seen the top Hindi Hot and adult Web series on Kooku App, we hope you would like it.  As per the audience’s response, they are loving these series. If want us to bring more web series like this then stay connected with us on the same page, we will update you on the latest and upcoming web series on OTT platforms.

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