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The viral news among the people, a video is getting viral in full swing, and people are bent on sharing it, as per the source. Three young people have been captured by the Pratapgarh Police for purportedly killing a Gangetic dolphin — an imperiled vertebrate that is the public sea-going creature — a month ago. The charges were captured on Thursday after a video of the occurrence turned into a web sensation. It is heartbroken news,  many of the animal lovers are aggression and they want Gov to take any strict action against the culprits.

The police are currently searching for others associated with slaughtering the creature that was found in the Sharda channel. They have recognized one of the captured adolescents as Anuj, who is 20 years old. The other two offer a similar name, Rahul. One of them is 19 years of age, while the other one is a year more established. Every one of the three is the inhabitant of the Unchahar territory of the Rae Bareli area, which imparts its boundary to Pratapgarh.

Gangetic Dolphin Beaten To Death
Gangetic Dolphin Beaten To Death


On December 31, we got a grumbling from the Gram Pradhan of Kothari town that the cadaver of a creature has been found on the bank of Sharda waterway. We hurried to the spot and later authorities of the neighborhood organization and the timberland division likewise came to there,” said Nawabganj Station House Officer (SHO) Akhilesh Pratap Singh. The region where the dolphin was discovered goes under the Nawabganj station’s ward. Following a grumbling by woods division authorities, an FIR was held up against unidentified individuals under areas 9 and 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

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SHO Singh stated, “Later, a video of the occurrence surfaced and we had the option to recognize the three blamed, who have been captured. We are looking for others. The three captured people were available at the spot for fishing in the waterway.” The dolphin body had injury marks. In the video, at any rate, seven individuals were seen pounding the life out of the creature. As some said they would have a “major gala”, others attempted to deter them from murdering the creature. We hope culprits have to pay for the life of an innocent and they will be put behind the bars. For more updates, keep visiting the page.

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